Friday, August 04, 2006

International Fundraising Congress

At last year's Spanish National Fundraising Congress, immediately after I finished my keynote presentation "How to create and Reinforce Synergies between Fundraising and Advocacy Campaigns", Mal Warwick asked if I would do a similar presentation at the International Fundraising Congress that takes place each year in the Netherlands.

I told him that in principle I would welcome the opportunity. I am always glad to interact and exchange views with CEOs, Marketing and Fundraising Directors, and other managers and consultants from major philantropic and advocacy organizations worldwide.

The International Fundraising Congress takes place 17-20 October this year in Leeuwenhorst. There is apparently a good list of speakers with complementary skills and experiences.

I will make my presentation in workshop mode there on October 18 and 19, as part of the Beyond Fundraising cluster.

I look forward to this opportunity to share my views about Fundraising as a tool for advocacy. Fundraising is one of the four pillars of advocacy organizations, but it is too often poorly integrated with the other three pillars (governance, communication and intervention).

Someone told me that this annual gathering in Leeuwenhorst is the Davos of fundraising. Minus the riots (I hope).

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