Thursday, April 05, 2007

Whales online

I'm soon going to New York for the Symposium on the Conservation of Whales in the 21st Century which we're oganizing next week (well, we've been organizing it for the last four months).

Sanja, a good friend of the whales (and a good friend of mine) wrote to me in an email that she was expecting to read Chez Rémi how the symposium develops, next week. I don't know. It's such a challenge to make sure that everything goes smoothly and meaningfully at the same time, I doubt that I`ll have any time to blog on-the-spot (even though the UN now have an excellent WIFI installation).

But we've made arrangements for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin to cover the meeting in English and French. So, watch this space next week, if you want to follow what goes on.

And of course we shall publish the speeches, presentations and conclusions on the symposium website.

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