Monday, January 26, 2009



I have truly and honestly no idea of who's given the information on which yesterday's story in The Washington Post about a possible US compromise proposal with Japan whereby some whaling activities in the Southern Seas would be allowed.

If the information is true, though, I think we're still a long way towards a settlement. I am afraid that any proposal involving continued catches within the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary is a non-starter.

An AFP piece from Tokyo which appears to vindicate the Washington Post story has just come out. I don't know to what extent there is a big difference in the Japanese language between the verbs "scale back" 縮小しなさい and "phase out" 停止しなさい . If there isn't much, it would be helpful to revert to the latter, I think.

If you want to go into the thick of it, have a look at the policy documents we've just uploaded today on the website of the Pew Whales Commission.

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