Thursday, February 05, 2009


I have fond memories of a very gentle African woman in the Communications Department of UNEP, when Alex and I co-ordinated in Nairobi, Kenya in 2005-2006 UNEP's Assembly on Labour and the Environment [the precursor of UNEP's current Good Jobs-Green Jobs initiative]. I remember that she used to say that the website we were maintaining then on behalf of UNEP was "very rich". It was her way to express her appreciation of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of our work.

We've uploaded today additional material on the website of next week's meeting of the Pew Whales Commission we're organizing here in Lisbon, and I think it's a very rich website now.

We'll continue to feed the website next week when the meeting is taking place, and in the aftermath as well of course.

The list of participants with the biographies of the Pew Whales Commissioners, as well as the meeting's agenda of course, give a good taste of what we're trying to achieve and how. Most importantly I think, the Resources page can have a long shelf life, because it assembles a lot of material which is otherwise spread all over the web, as well as some interesting unpublished material [see Japan's "Safety net", for example].

Last but not least the "Whales in the News" section which we feed on an on-going basis is also a tool which is very handy.

Very rich.

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