Saturday, August 15, 2009

Broken embraces

When the swine flu started to show its face three months ago, I was wondering on this blog whether it was going to seriously affect Western lifestyles. But I did not expect as much.

The Spanish press is full of commentaries about a banner the Medical College of Madrid has displayed this week at their headquarters (photo): "Don't kiss, Don't shake hand, Say Hello."

More funky even, the Archbishop of Toledo has announced today that people will no longer be allowed to kiss the coat a statue of Virgin Mary is wearing in his cathedral, a rite that dates back 400 years. [I'm not sure if the Archbishop wants to protect the worshipers or the Virgin in this way; maybe both]

Pedro Almodovar could not have guessed that the title of his latest(superb!) film, Broken Embraces, was to become so prophetic.

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