Friday, October 09, 2009

Road to Copenhagen

When President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Award was announced this morning I was in a meeting with a group of Spanish environmentalists in Madrid. There was an initial mix of reactions in the room, but I said I thought it was well deserved because, everything else aside, Obama's stand to re-establish a responsible US position on nuclear non-proliferation is truly amazing.

Another interesting aspect of President Obama's Nobel Prize is that the Award Ceremony, on 10 December, will coincide in time with the Copenhagen Climate Summit which starts on 7 December. One point we're making in the Tcktcktck campaign is that for the Copenhagen outcome to be really ambitious, it will require the personal involvement and participation of true leaders. Now that he's scheduled to come that same week to Oslo, very near Copenhagen, I'd say the chance of Obama making a stop-over at the Climate Summit has increased tremendously today.

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