Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cool or freaky?

I'll be on my way this evening to Agadir, Morocco for two intense weeks at the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

Just before starting to put stuff in my suitecase, I ran into an Argentine guy selling all sorts of pins in Madrid's Plaza Mayor, and I bought a few which I think I could wear at the whaling conference:

The eye on the top row alongside the Agadir souvenir suggests a need for greater transparency (and maybe openness) from all participants.

The whale underneath is a humpback, one of the most iconic whale species (together with the blue whale of course). Humpback whales have been protected since the mid 1960s after being driven to near extinction. Now some populations are starting to show signs of recovery (which reminds us that not all efforts to protect whales have been in vain). In the last few years, Japan has been threatening to kill fifty humpback whales in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. That's what some people call delicious whale research.

And the pin below with a dove on the globe reminds us that there are so many issues affecting our planet, it would be good to get this one (whaling) out of the way.

Not sure whether wearing these pins makes me look cool or freaky. What do you think? Send me an email or a SMS with the word cool or freaky.

On the photo, I'm wearing a whale tie I got at the 1982 IWC meeting where the moratorium on commercial whaling was adopted. 28 years later, this tie is completely démodée. But it's like a totem, so maybe I'll put it in my suitcase.

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