Monday, June 07, 2010

Whaling paradoxes

If you can read Spanish, you'll be interested to read my opinion piece the Spanish news agency EFE has just published.

The title, Paradojas Balleneras refers to three paradoxes we're all faced with in the middle of the international negotiations over the reform of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) which is programmed to conclude this month:

Paradox 1: The moratorium on commercial whaling adopted in the 1980s was a great success, but the last whaling countries are now taking advantage of it to escape from IWC control.

Paradox 2: In order to reinforce the moratorium, should exemptions be authorized?

Paradox 3: In order to calm the game, is it right to twist the arms of the players?

The IWC is still in the middle of a perfect storm caused by the proposal tabled by its Chair and Vice-Chair in the month of April as a basis for negotiation. It is still early to say whether the storm will help the IWC vessel getting into port. Or if it will derail it. Or even crash it into an iceberg or a rock.

My piece is featured on EFE Verde, the new environmental service launched a few months ago by the Spanish news agency that reaches out in particular to Latin America and Spain. EFE Verde is a great concept, and a great tool to monitor environmental trends, policy and perceptions in the Spanish-speaking world.

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