Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The title of this post in Japanese means "Whales: is there a common way forward?". This is the Japanese title of the second Pew Whale Symposium we're organizing in Tokyo on 30-31 January. The full name of the symposium is A Change in Climate for Whales: is there a Common Way Forward?

I came up with this "change the climate" concept one evening in Tokyo in September with the help of a very good sake. Bringing pro- and anti-whaling advocates together to talk in Tokyo was a daring idea, but -- as everyone has got climate change in their heads -- I thought this title could trigger the imagination of policy experts who otherwise would think that it would be just another déjà-vu discussion between whale lovers and whale eaters.

I'm dead serious about the need to change the political climate for whales. Whether we'll manage is another story. To trigger the discussion we've just posted a new backgrounder I prepared with Kelly during the holiday season.

I'm leaving for Tokyo on 21 January. Seventy-two participants from 23 different nationalities will join us at the symposium. Stay tuned!

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