Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Evolution of organized beings

I was intrigued this week-end in Paris when I passed by the gate you can see on this photo. I hope you can read what it says. At the entrance of the University of Paris' Science Faculty, it reads: Evolution of Organized Beings' Department. Tout un programme! N'est-ce pas?

Funnily enough, when I took this photo on Saturday I was on my way to a party with a fairly large group of beings who [for the most part] had not seen each others for about 30-35 years, since they [we] belonged in the 1970s to a group of relatively organized beings called Friends of the Earth. I thought it was ironic. The evolution of human beings [organized and disorganised alike] is so unforseeable, I was wondering when I took the photo what we'd all have in common after three decades. [The good news is that there were great commonalities, amid a great diversity. We had great fun too]

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