Monday, June 06, 2005

IOC evaluation out - Ha salido la evaluación del COI

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Team report on the five candidate cities for the 2012 Olympics is out.

It was published earlier today.

On the IOC website, you can find:

a) The full report: Part 1 and Part 2.

B) As well as the reports on:
Paris (Part One and Two),
New York (Part One and Two),
Moscow (Part One and Two),
London (Part One and Two), and
Madrid (Part One and Two)

There are also Appendices to Part One and Appendices to Part Two.

The section on Madrid includes a good acknowledgement of efforts made for greening the bid.

It is worthwhile noting that the IOC Evaluation considers that the Bush administration opposition to the Kyoto Protocol plays against the New York Bid.

The final decision on hosting the 2012 Olympic Games will take place on 6 July, in Singapur.

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