Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cool and relaxing website

Our friend Michael Strauss from Earth Media in New York (who is also known at the U.N. as "the tall man with that funny little hat") has circulated this morning the URL of a very-very cool website which I encourage everyone to visit.

But beware: the graphics are so enjoyable and so relaxing that (if you're not careful) you can easily become totally addicted to this website ! You can use endlessly the curser of your computer, to move the insignificant little guy featured on the website.

A kind of relaxing addiction which is similar what I experienced in the mid-1960s with that kitch wax lamp that my brother brought back one summer from Carnaby Street, London.

If that relaxing website does not get the cool site of the day award, I will lodge a formal protest! Posted by Picasa

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