Saturday, December 31, 2005

See you next year

Almost inevitably, I have been lazy in the last few days, after the rush to finish all the work before the Christmas break.

Work is going to start very steeply as soon as the new year starts, with our participation in the World Assembly on Labour and the Environment in Nairobi, which we have helped put together in partnership with UNEP and the Sustainlabour Foundation. Time permitting, we shall report on this blog from Nairobi, on aspects of the Assembly that can complement the information that will be available on the Assembly website. Even before going to Nairobi, we will also have a planning meeting for another marine biodiversity-related project, which I am co-ordinating at the request of a consortium of foundations.

You may wonder about the illustration I chose for this post. No, it is not meant to reflect deep sorrow, stress and pessimism. It's just that I wanted to avoid the typical end-of-the-year photo with fire works and such, that's all. And maybe also wink at Kasimir Malevich, the great Russian painter.

Happy new year !

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