Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chez Rémi upgraded

After a fairly lazy month of August, with the help of Alex I have upgraded Chez Rémi.

What's new?

1.- The URL of the blog has been simplified: now you can access [when you are not on your own computer, no need to ask yourself "chezremi.dotwhatwasit?", it's very simple]

2.- The vast majority of the blogposts published since Chez Rémi opened in April 2005 have been indexed [in the "Labels" section in the right-hand margin, and future posts will be indexed on an on-going basis]

3.- There is also a new dropdown menu to access past Blogposts chronologically [see "Blog Archives" in the right-hand column]

4.- Also on the right-hand column Chez Rémi now feeds you directly with the BBC website's Science & Nature stories [Handy isn't it?]

Chez Rémi will continue to make improvements, and to provide you with news and analysis on environmental and other developments and trends.

Work with the Varda Group will be very intense in the next three months. Watch the Varda Group's website when you have a moment. It's so intense that if you need me or any of my Varda Group's colleagues, please make sure you book us well in advance.

I hope you like the photo I have used to ilustrate this post. One thing I like about it is that I really look like Tintin on this photo, don't you think? It was taken last summer by my friend Perfecto Conde in his garden near Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, the area in the North West of Spain that was devastated with fires this summer. [Perfecto is a journalist who played a very important role in the very early days of Greenpeace in Spain; Perfecto was also my "best man" when I got married 21 years ago] . On the telephone the other day, Perfecto told me that his house and garden were safe, but that everything burned in the neighbourhood. "For about 7 days, it reminded me of the film Apocalypse Now", said Perfecto who was extremely upset with the lack of advanced planning by the new regional authorities elected a year ago. I hope the dog, which of course I renamed Milou during my visit last year, did not suffer too much from the smog.

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