Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Converted

24 December, this is the perfect day to announce that I have become a follower of Reverend Billy!

It happened yesterday, after I watched on Swiss television a hilarious news story about Reverend Billy and his Church of Not Shopping. I immediately googled up Reverend Billy, visited his website, and saw on You Tube a few of his performances against the excesses of consumerism, Shopocalypse as he calls it.

I love the way Reverend Billy satirizes the risk of the US becoming a teletheocracy.

[To those who may tell me, yes but a Rev. Billy-equivalent would not be tolerated in Teheran or Ryad, I'd say: yes of course, and this is exactly why people in Western democracies should cherish two of their most precious treasures (freedom of speech and sense of humour), and fight fundamentalism on their own soil].

I decided to join Reverend Billy and his Church.

Click on the image above, to see one of Reverend Billy's performances in front of a shopping mall. And this other hilarious one protesting in a Victoria's Secret shop against the use (for their catalogue) of paper produced from Canadian primary forest clear-cutting!

[I confess in sorrow that I bought Christmas presents to my family. But this was before I joined the Church of Not Shopping]

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