Thursday, February 22, 2007

Free the blogger

Today's news item about Abdul Kareem Suleiman Amer (also known as Kareem Amer) an Egyptian blogger who's been condemned to a three year jail sentence because the President and religious "authorities" of his country did not like his blog, provides a good reminder of the fact that those of us who live in Western democracies are a priviledged minority.

As such, it is our duty to defend those who do not enjoy the same rights and freedom.

You can click here to see Abdul Kareem's blog. Blogs like this are 21st century-equivalents to Russian Samizdats in the Soviet era and to the Chinese Dazibaos of the late 1970s on Beijing's Democracy Wall.

It's interesting to see that while the authorities jailed the blogger, the blog remains online [though I wonder if it's accessible from Egypt].

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