Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fri sails

In the last month or so, I've received two emails (the second one this morning) that David Moodie is sending to veterans from the early Greenpeace days, about the future of FRI, a sailing vessels that became an icon in 1973 when David Moodie with a group of peace/green missionaries sailed into the bomb off Moruroa atoll where the French army was at the time conducting atmospheric nuclear tests.

After this first activist experience FRI continued to sail (always with David Moodie at the steering wheel) on different peace missions around the world. They did not always have the same fortune perhaps, but it was amazing to see how David Moodie and FRI were inseparable.

I haven't seen David Moodie for 25 years or more, but I see in his emails and website that the old couple he forms with FRI is still together.

David is raising funds to keep FRI afloat, in the Danish shipyard where her life began in 1912.

And I see that David is making a living by selling mobiles (not mobile phones!) that look very cool. He calls them mindsavers (as opposed to screensavers).

Very cool.

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