Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whale symposium presentation in Anchorage, Alaska

We've just announced the Side Event we're organizing on behalf of Pew in Anchorage, Alaska on Sunday 27 May, to present the outcome of the Symposium we organized last month on behalf of Pew at UN Headquarters in New York.

If you're going to be in Anchorage, don't forget to register as indicated on the announcement. The outcome of the New York Symposium will be discuss under Item 7 of the IWC Annual Meeting agenda, "The IWC in the Future".

I was not sure which photo to use to illustrate this post. I went for this photo taken at the end of the Symposium by Dan Birchall of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, showing the Varda Group team (Kelly, Alex and myself) that put the Symposium together with the support of Pew and UNEP, and Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Mike Donoghue of New Zealand. We worked so hard for three and a half months putting the Symposium together, it's amazing we looked somewhat healthy at the end of it, when the photo was taken!

When the IWC in Alaska is over I'm taking a few days out with whales, seals and polar bears. I should have more exciting photos to post, then.

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