Friday, September 14, 2007

Portuguese Environment Secretary on shark conservation

The video address of the State Secretary for the Environment of Portugal, Dr. Humberto Rosa at the Sharks at Risk conference we organized this week in Lisbon, is now available on YouTube.

Watch, and listen to his wise words on the environment-fisheries nexus. This may sound obvious, but bear in mind that the reality is that when an environmental official in a major fishing country like Portugal to makes such remarks, he is walking on eggs. Even if we're in 2007, twenty years after the release of the Brundtland report that coined the term sustainable development in 1987.

And note the Portuguese State Secretary's support to a European Shark Conservation Plan, coinciding with this semester's Portuguese European Union presidency.

Click here for the Portuguese version. And here for the English version.

The five Power Point presentations are also available on the Shark Alliance website.

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