Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arctic nuke drill

Until now we had all heard the story of the nuclear industry coming to the rescue of the planet to stop climate change.

But here is a different spin: the Russian nuclear industry could come to the rescue of the oil and gas industry, and help them drill the Arctic seabed with floating nuclear power stations, says the Barents Observer.

In another story published in the month of August, the Barents Observer also informed of plans to turn within 18 months a former Russian nuclear-powered container carrier, the "Sevmorput", into a drilling vessel for the oil industry.

Years ago, one of the main businesses of the Murmansk Shipping Company was the operation of nuclear powered ice-breakers.

But of course now, with the ice-shelf meltdown, nuclear powered icebreakers have no future.

So the guys at the Murmansk Shipping Company and Rosenergoatom (formerly Minatom) are very creative to secure their reconversion. Of course.

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