Friday, January 25, 2008

Perception of threats

I've been in Tokyo for almost a week now, preparing the last details for the Pew Whale Symposium we're organizing here next week at United Nations University.

Chez Rémi has been silent for a while, in part because of my lack of time, but also for political reasons.

It is Saturday morning here in Tokyo. I've got a little bit of time (relatively). So I thought I'd share this photo I took this week (with permission) outside the office of a Japanese parliamentarian. I think it talks very well of the challenges of next week's symposium.

It's a poster showing a whale eating all the fish in the world, and the caption says something like "we can't put up with this!". Interesting: for millions of people whales are the ultimate icon of Life in the ocean; but some portray them as the ultimate threat to ocean biodiversity.

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