Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tricks to save 100 Bucks

Yesterday's post-new year eve hang-over is followed today by the global oil addiction hang-over: 2nd January, 2008 will be remembered as Hundred-Dollar-a-Barrel-Day.

So, while everyone (except the oil companies) is panicking I thought that I'd post (in addition to one of my favorite photos with my photovoltaic solar panels) a few online resources of people and organizations who can help you save a 100 Bucks (and more). Letttts see:

1-. Global Wind Energy Council: the SG is my old friend Steve Sawyer. A real champion.

[One thing that energy-hungry industrial sectors and companies could do would be to set incremental targets of renewable energy consumption for their operations, in order to increase the market for renewables]

2-. Solar Century: that's the company set up by Jeremy Leggett a few years ago when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Some very cool products, such as the complete solar roof. But I don't really understand why Jeremy decided to focus on the market in cloudy England.

[There are more photovoltaic installations in Germany than in Spain. This says a lot of Spain, of course. But it also says a lot of German environmentalists: with the liberation of the energy market in the EU, I would have thought that everyone (including the Planet, let alone their wallets) would be better off investing in solar installations down South than outside Hamburg.]

3-. Tau Solar: these are the guys who installed my solar panels in Spain. That was nearly ten years ago.

[At the time they were just a handful of guys in dirty ware-house in one of the lousiest districts in Madrid. Now, they've grown so much (they even wear ties!), I wonder whether the Director would still take my phone calls if I hadn't been one of their very first clients when they were a start'up.]

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