Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Moving IUCN motions

The IUCN Secretariat has posted today the draft motions submitted for consideration at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (Barcelona, 5-14 October 2008).

Covering IUCN governance, biodiversity conservation, ecosystems and human well-being, climate change and energy, economy, market and finance, law, policy and ethics, education and communication, the 125 draft motions illustrate the diversity and wide range of activities of the IUCN-The World Conservation Union.

IUCN motions are not binding, of course. But because of its unique governance system whereby in order to be adopted, motions must be supported by at least 50% of its two chambers (a chamber made up of Governments and Government Agencies, and a chamber made up NGOs), and because of the sheer number of IUCN members (over 1000 worldwide), what the congress (held once every four years) recommends or says carries a lot of weight.

We can expect stimulating debates in Barcelona in just a couple of months, where the Pew Trusts have asked me to be part of their delegation.

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