Monday, October 13, 2008

Strategy vs. theology

The World Conservation Congress observed a pause yesterday, so delegates were able to discover that there is more to Barcelona than the modern Forum district where the conference centre is located.

The Congress continues today and tomorrow. The election of the next President of the IUCN, Ashok Khosla has just been announced, and delegates' attention can now be entirely focussed on the adoption of the programme and motions establishing IUCN policy on key issues in the areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change and energy, economics and trade, etc.

Thirty-five motions were already adopted last week. But there are so many others, it will be a challenge to go through the rest in time.

The Pew Trusts who asked me to head their delegation at the Members' Assembly remains focussed on marine biodiversity issues, a significant portfolio of the Pew Environment Group. This includes working here for motions promoted or co-sponsored by Pew on a wide range of issues including fisheries conservation, marine protected areas, whale and shark conservation, environmental governance in Antarctica, the high seas, etc.

Most motions have been edited in the interest of seeking consensus [or avoiding desasters]. Whenever possible, consensus is good because it gives strength to resolutions which otherwise are hardly worth the paper they're written on, as the saying goes. Let's hope everyone understands the difference between theology and strategy [as long as core values are not compromised, of course].

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