Thursday, April 02, 2009


Greenpeace appears to be again victim of a spying operation originating from France.

According to press reports, Kargus Consultants, a security firm hired by Electricté de France (EDF) has been spying Greenpeace-France.

Looking at Kargus' list of clients, I wonder if EDF shared the cost with others. Or whether Kargus did what is known as double-dipping in the world of consultants (charging several clients for the same piece of work).

It is a case of cyber-spying, or haking, apparently. Thus, if I receive any email from Greenpeace-France, I must remember that I should check if my virus and spyware filter is on.

[Greenpeace should not complain: at least no-one hired Blackwater to go after them (not yet?)]

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