Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doha's Diary

After reading my post from yesterday here Chez Rémi, Roberto Mielgo kindly asked me permission to reproduce it in his Doha's Diary.

Roberto and MarViva are doing a really good job putting all these stories and analyses in one central place. As time passes and the dust settles, when the CITES conference will be not so fresh, it will be very handy to know that we can find Roberto's great collection of commentaries and analysis on his Fresh from Qatar website.

With Roberto's permission, maybe I can make one suggestion. It would be really good to also include commentaries and press reports from Japan. I've seen a few and they're quite instructive. You can't do Aikido if you don't know what's in the other guy's mind. Roberto could post them in the original language. And those who don't read Japanese could use Google Translator or Babelfish or other online tools that are helpful to at least get a sense.

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