Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The guy with the fish

If you're in Madrid this week and next, you may run into this poster displayed on bus stops by the City of Madrid as part of a promotional campaign for the Hub-Madrid, the club of social entrepreneurs to which I belong.

Very cool. The managers at the Hub know that I was a bit hesitant when they first said they wanted to feature me in their campaign. But now I'm glad I'm there (together with Conchita Galdón of Puentes Globales and Germán Argüelles of Inspirasports). I like the tag on the poster, "¿Te quejas o emprendes?" which can best translate as "Keep complaining, or take acion!"

I'm also glad I'm in New York this week, at the 2nd session of the Preparatory Committee for the Rio+20 2012 Conference. At least for now, I don't know if anyone will say "Eh, the guy with the fish!" next time I go into a tapas bar after I return home.