Friday, April 08, 2011

Grand Pa' !

I've just had a framed copy made of the poster of the Hub campaign featuring me hugging a bluefin tuna, which has been displayed on Madrid bus-stops for three weeks.

As you can see on the photo above, this thing is taller than me (in other words, it is i-m-m-e-n-s-e), so I'm not exactly sure where I can put it at home or in my office.

But the reason I want to keep a copy is that I can imagine, if I ever become a grand-father (I suppose that technically it could happen any Saturday night, though I'm not encouraging it), this immense photo would strike forever my grand-children's memory and imagination. Most importantly, the great slogan on the poster "¿Te quejas o emprendes?" ("Keep complaining, or take action!") could make a real difference to their upbringing, to their lives, and maybe to the lives of many others too.

I do not feel an urge to become a grand-father. But I'm already trying to be a good one.