Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Breaking news: we need a revolution

I have the Worldwatch Institute's "State of the World-2006" report on my desk (Thank you, Hilary).

Good read, must-read, as usual.

This year, it's got a Special focus on China and India, outlining the risks and opportunities arising from the fact that these two countries are joining the global consumers' club.

Risks: "If by 2030, China and India alone were to achieve a per-capita footprint equivalent to that of Japan today, together they would require a full planet earth to meet their needs."

Opportunities: "The western model of growth that India and China wish to emulate is intrinsically toxic. It uses huge resources—energy and materials—and generates enormous waste. [...] India and China have no choice but to reinvent the development trajectory."

As a French, when I was a kid I was brought up with the belief that "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" (this, a little bit kitch, French Revolution's substitute for the Holly Trinity) was something to strive for. Even if we leave liberté aside at least for a while, this year's State of the World report reminds us that we won't achieve égalité and fraternité unless we seriously change our consumption patterns.

With the developments in China and India, we're moving deeper into crisis mode.

But there is no crisis without opportunity.

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