Saturday, March 14, 2009

French taste

A year or so ago, I remember telling Kelly that perhaps we could design an environmental campaign around the theme "Looking for the G Spot". [G as in Green, of course]

What I had in mind was a campaign to promote a road map for governments and/or the private sector in their desperate search for sustainability. Or one that would provide tricks to confused consumers uncertain of whether their latest environment-friendly products and patterns are the real thing.

The conversation with Kelly did not last long: "Too racy, even for Greenpeace", she said.

So I was amused yesterday when I saw in the metro of Paris this advertisement campaign of the Tourist Board of the Gironde Region (South West France): "Trouvez votre Point G".

I came to France directly from the meeting on the future of the International Whaling Commission in Rome. Someone who wasn't at that meeting asked me last night whether the IWC reform discussed in Rome was dead. I said "No it isn't, but it's likely to take longer than was hoped".

The IWC is having difficulties finding its G spot...

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